Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From Vegas to Cal City to Randsburg...trying to do it all

What's up guys...

It's been quite some time since my last blog. I've been busy attending the SEMA show, planning my Cruise vacation next March, and exploring new places. So I promised my buddy Dyno Danny I'd post an update.Here it goes...

I just picked up a couple custom made rods from Performance Tackle that I ordered back in May. I must say, they are simply gorgeous! Both are made for fishing Swimbaits(both hard and soft, Fresh or Saltwater), so I made one for each. They are telescoping blanks and they're so closely guarded, I don't even know what kind of blanks they are. The owner of Performance Tackle, Marc Hyashi, only tells us he and his partner developed these rods. That's it. They're only available in 3 actions, Light...Medium...or Heavy. All are 8ft in length and will break down to around 6ft, which is perfect for storing in my Champion rod locker. I opted for the Medium(dubbed the SBRX80M). I briefly fished one rod with the Lunker Punker Jr.and it walks this bait PERFECTLY!!! I have yet to test it on the saltwater bass, so stay tuned.

 Both rods are "Down Wrapped"...old chinese method to reduce friction caused by the fishing line touch the blank itself.
 I also took up my uncle's offer to spend last weekend with him and buddies in California City, riding OHV's...we set up shop near the water tower. I drove the Yamaha Rhino all weekend and had a killer time!
 Here's a still shot from my new toy...the Go Pro Hero2 camcorder...(more from this awesome camera in the near future...)
 We rode into Randsburg and took in the sights...Hooligan style!
Til next time folks!!!